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5 Essential Blogging Goals.

This article will help you to learn about the 5 blogging goals you should set for yourself if you want to have a successful blogging career.

Setting and achieving blogging goals should be an integral part of giving a blogger the confidence and the experience to stay in and make blogging either a full-time or part-time job that provides for daily bread.

Personally, I have seen the positive results coming from the few blogging goals I have always set for myself, and I thought it wise to share those goals with you.

Whether you are aiming to make blogging a full-time job or to keep it as a side hustle, setting blogging goals will help you utilize the time and effort you are going to put into the blogging itself.

What are some blogging goals?

Some blogging goals you need to set for yourself are:

  1. Your Contents And Audience Should Be Your Priority.
  2. What Additional Skills Must You Have Beside Blogging?
  3. Set Your Time Table For Blogging.
  4. Understand Your Metrics.
  5. Set Your Financial Goal.

Blogging Goal 1: Your Contents And Audience Should Be Your Priority.

Every second, millions of people are consulting search engines, looking for content that will help them solve one problem or the other, gather information, as well as get entertained; as a blogger, you have made it your duty to provide content online that will really satisfy an audience.

And for that reason, one of your blogging goals should be the kind of content you are going to create in order to inspire, motivate, or educate an audience.

If you really want to become a successful blogger, your audience is the ones you are going to keep in mind anytime you are set to create content that is going to go live on the internet.

You need to clearly define what content you are going to put out there for an audience, and most importantly, it should be content you are naturally good at; not the ones you are going to spend long hours and days researching in order to re-compose, re-write or worst still copy and paste on your blog.

If you’ve already been able to clearly define your mission statement or the reason why you create content, that’s fantastic! You will now be able to perfectly understand how you are going to help or connect with your audience.

Blogging Goal 2: What Additional Skills Must You Have Beside Blogging?

If you want to be a successful blogger or content creator, there must be additional skills you have learned or are naturally gifted in, and in so doing you will be able to render additional services to your online clients and make money from it.

As for me, aside from blogging, I am a web designer, cinematographer/photographer, etc. And I can’t relate to those times I have made additional income outside blogging by building websites for my clients, shooting and editing videos, snapping cover photos, and so on

Therefore, you must look into yourself and see what additional skills you have that will enable you to make money on sight.

Below, therefore, are a few skills you can set as your blogging goals:

  1. How to shoot and edit videos
  2. Snap and edit photos.
  3. Write and edit articles perfectly.

Good enough, you can even learn these skills through articles and tutorials online

Blogging Goal 3: Set Your Time Table For Blogging.

As a blogger, it is pertinent that you will get caught up in several worldly activities that will seem to rob you of the time for creating content and publishing them on your blog.

And for that reason, you must have a timetable as one of your blogging goals.

Even if your goal is to publish one blog post a week, you must have a perfect timetable for doing that, else, you will realize that 3 months have just gone by and you haven’t been able to publish even a single post on your blog.

Especially, if you are a newbie in the blogging business, and have not yet started to make money or probably have another job on the side that robs you of the time to sit down and create content.

Thus, whether your goal is to take the blogging business as a full-time job or make it a lucrative side hustle alongside your day job, having a timetable will really help you to use your time judiciously.

Another important thing you must include in your timetable is how to get your content out there.

Having the perfect SEO strategy that will help you rank on Google or other search engines is superb, but keeping in mind the competition that is ongoing in the Cyber world, you shouldn’t only depend on ranking organically on search engines, rather you need a channel or a space online that will help you share your contents directly to an audience.

And that’s when social media comes to play: a Facebook or Twitter account, YouTube or LinkedIn channel, etc, is where you need to establish your presence as a blogger.

But the advice I would like to give in this regard is, don’t try to get on all the social platforms, rather find those that will help you connect like 3 to 4 accounts at once, whereby if you publish a post on one it will automatically share to the others.

Better still, you can get a great social media share plugin on your website that will help you automatically share your content to several social platforms at once, instead of having to spend so much time doing that manually.

Blogging Goal 4: Understand Your Metrics.

If you really want to be successful in the blogging business in 2023, you perfectly need to understand your metrics, that is to say, the statistics of your audience.

You can use Google Analytics to understand the number of visitors coming to your pages, the pages they visit the most, and also where those who are visiting your blog are coming from.

You can also monitor your social platforms to understand the number of impressions, followers, and engagement rates you are having on the content you are sharing up there.

So many bloggers get frustrated when they realize “they aren’t growing”. And this happens because they are unable to define what growth really means to a blogger.

For this reason, you need to set a target of driving a specific amount of traffic to the contents of your blog every month or maintain a specific engagement rate on social platforms.

Setting your metrics as a blogging goal for 2023 is what will help you to clarify what actions you need to take next.

Blogging Goal 5: Set Your Financial Goal.

Blogging is both a profession and a big-time business, so if you want to make a livable income from blogging, you need to set financial goals on how you’re going to do that.

Your financial goals should clearly outline how much you are going to spend, either monthly or yearly and how you’re going to make that money back with profit.

Once you’re able to outline your money goals, both expenses, and profit, you will then be able to sort out if you’re gaining or losing in the blogging business.

“If you want to make $10,000 from blogging by the end of the year” you must be able to see how much you will spend on paying for your domain, hosting, premium themes, and plugins for your blog, and then see how you’re going to make that money back whether through AdSense, selling of products online, offering online services example building websites for people, etc.

Basically, setting a financial target is one of the most important blogging goals to set for yourself.

You just have to write down those money goals and see how you will work towards utilizing them.


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