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5 Essential Blogging Rules.

Are there any blogging rules? is one question often asked by so many intending bloggers, and in this article I am going to show you the 5 essential blogging rules you need to follow.

It is clear and certain that when one is looking to start blogging in order to make money, there are lots of questions that will be zooming through your mind.

Questions like:

  • Is it really possible for one to make a living from blogging?
  • What if it is just those who are already rich investing in the internet to make a profit from blogging?
  • If you write about topics of making money blogging, will it help you to really make money blogging?
  • Lastly, if making money from blogging is really possible, how likely is it that one will ever succeed?

When you search the internet, you will see thousands of bloggers who claim to be making millions from blogging. Oftentimes, these claims are usually accompanied by the display of various marketing strategies.

On my own part, I can really stand on the side of the truth that I am making a living from blogging through these few blogging rules I hold on to and will like to share with you.

Are there any rules to blogging?

Yes, there are so many blogging rules that an individual can set for himself, and below are the 5 essential blogging rules you need to follow if you want to have a successful blogging career.

Below are my 5 blogging guidelines.

  1. Start with a niche you understand and figure out how to gain from it.
  2. Make blogging a full-time job.
  3. Don’t stick much to Formulas.
  4. Make patience your watchword.
  5. You must work harder.

1. Start with a niche or topic you understand and figure out how to gain from it.

Having been a musician and a businessman, I saw it wise to begin blogging in the music niche or topic.

But first I had to figure out how I will be making money immediately, so I could be able to keep paying for my domain and hosting.

So I began by writing music industry tutorials and also helping to promote music for the upcoming musicians who were reaching out to me.

Of course, they must pay to get their music promoted, and I must say that I began making money the very first week I started blogging because upcoming artists were paying me to promote their music online.

2. Make blogging a full-time job.

To be very honest with you, blogging needs so much commitment because if you are not creating quality content on your blog, there is no way you are ever going to succeed as a blogger.

And for that reason, you must ensure you do not have any other job that is consuming much of your time. Because you definitely need time to read, research, and write those super contents that will get your blog up the ground running.

If you take blogging as a hobby or an equivalent to a part-time job, you will soon get fed up and give up; when you will have to renew your domain and hosting from your hard-earned money outside blogging.

Thus you need to put yourself on the road to becoming a full-time blogger.

You need to enter and stay in a niche that will help you monetize your blog —you need to do everything from selling advertising, having a membership area, selling ebooks, running affiliate promotions, promoting offline businesses, to selling yourself as a speaker, to having book deals, and so on. Believe me, you really need an income stream.

3. Don’t stick much to Formulas.

In a bid to make money themselves, some bloggers have released products e.g apps that claim to be formulas for success when it comes to making money online.

They will take much time to outline the steps one must follow to “guarantee” making money from blogging.

But in my personal experience, there is really no formula for making money as a blogger.

Every full-time blogger must have to follow their own path and when they become successful, have a unique story to tell.

You must really be willing to act on hunches and make surprising discoveries along the way.

There might be similarities in the success stories of bloggers, but then, each and every one of them has their own personality and style, each one is reaching a different audience, and each niche tends to monetize differently.

The trick here is to understand what others are doing and learn what you can from them, but also be willing to follow your own path as well!

4. Make patience your watchword.

If you are able to dig deep into the stats and survey the income of top bloggers, you will be surprised to discover how long they’ve been blogging.

Research shows that 85% of bloggers in the top income bracket have been blogging for more than four years.

Blogging for money is never a get-rich-quick thing. It definitely takes time to build an audience, brand, and trust as well as a good reputation.

And of course, even if you have four or five years of blogging behind you, there is definitely no guarantee of a decent or steady flow of income.

5. You must work harder.

Blogging for years is not the only key to becoming a profitable blogger. Another common factor that I’ve noticed in most full-time bloggers is that they are people who work harder.

I’ve personally worked harder on growing this blog over the years than I’ve worked on anything in my life before this.

It is often fun and gives me energy, but it takes considerable work to create content on a daily basis, keep abreast of what’s going on in the community, monitor the business side of things, create products to sell, builds an audience, and so on.

The four key points to having a profitable blog are.

  1. Create Great Content for your blog.
  2. Find people to read your blog content.
  3. Build a great Community on Your Blog
  4. Make Money and Monetize Your Blog

The key is to build blogs that matter to people, blogs that are original, interesting, and moreover helpful. But this doesn’t just happen—it takes a lot of hard work.


Yes, it is possible for us to make money blogging because a lot of people are making money from blogging at a part-time to a full-time level.

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