In this article, you are going to learn about the 5 characteristics of top email marketing agencies.

Most online businesses have recognized the need for SEO, social media, content marketing, etc, but they overlook the use of email marketing to achieve their business goals.

But you shouldn’t join this train.

Rather, you need to know the advantages of email marketing as well as the reasons why you should start email marketing today and now.

Marketers who used email marketing to segment their audience said they saw 760% in revenue.

Whether you want to do email marketing by yourself or seek help from top email marketing agencies; what’s important is that you should start email marketing today.

And below are the 5 characteristics you should look out for in a great email marketing company or agency.

5 Characteristics Of Great Email Marketing Agencies.

1. Understands The Need For Content Creation.

Most email marketing companies concentrate on strategizing and outlining goals for email marketing.

And what they push to the backseat is content creation when it comes to email marketing.

The content on your email will go a long way to determining how effective your email marketing campaign is going to be.

So one of the fundamental characteristics of a great email marketing agency is creating engaging content that will act as a powerhouse for email marketing campaigns.

Thus, a great email marketing agency will help you to blend quality content with amazing promotional services that will produce the conversions you need.

2. An Impressive Clients Portfolio.

Any email marketing agency that claims to be among the best must have something to show for or back up its claims.

And one such thing is the portfolio of their clients.

They need to show those people they have implemented a series of email marketing campaigns that were successful.

You don’t necessarily need to ask them for such proof as it should be visibly seen in their client’s portfolio.

And so when you see this portfolio-displayed characteristic on top email marketing agencies’ websites. It will help you to see who they have helped and to decide if they’ll be a good fit for your business.  

3. Thought Leadership.

There is no doubt that email marketing has evolved so much in its 40 years of existence.

What was effective yesterday might not be as successful today; and even if it is, it might require you to take a different approach.

And due to this ever-evolving nature of strategies and modern trends relating to email marketing, top email marketing agencies must maintain pace with these changes in order to deliver the best work for their clients.

Thought leadership is what helps these top email marketing agencies to maintain such a needed pace with the industry. 

And they do this by publicly sharing new learnings, experiments, emerging strategies, and tactics that help them retain brand reputation among other professionals. 

Thus, you need to do some research and look out for this characteristic; as this will help you to spot a top email marketing agency.

4. Testimonials.

People cannot claim to be the best by themselves without others attesting to that fact.

Therefore, you need to look out for what past and existing clients feel and say about an email marketing agency; in the testimonials sections of their websites.

What’s real is that it is very hard to execute a successful email marketing campaign; that drives revenue for a business.

And for that reason, one notable characteristic of a top email marketing company is the testimonials they publicly receive from their clients.

5. Team of Experts.

It is hard for just one person to come up with an idea that will bring about a successful email marketing campaign.

From strategy to the acquisition of email addresses, selection of email marketing software, email copywriting, and campaign management, all these steps and methods require some different kind of expertise.

Top email marketing agencies can never be a one-man thing.

It is usually the work of a team of experts, who collaborate to drive results. 

And so one characteristic of top email marketing agencies is displaying the entire team that is working to plan, execute, manage, and optimize email campaigns: 

Last modified: May 21, 2023



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