I know you are reading this post because you’ve been asking the questions that have been bordering you about blogging, I mean is it hard to earn money from blogging? or how hard it is to earn money from blogging?

Well, while some settle for blogging as a hobby, very few understand the hustle behind blogging, as well as the need to choose it as a life-long career.

Is it hard to earn money from blogging?

Making money from blogging is not hard so long as you understand the basics of the profession, as well as decide on making blogging one of your topmost goals in life.

One thing I always like to tell upcoming bloggers is that, if you don’t decide on taking blogging as a full-time job, the stress in it will soon make you give up.

Think about those who are out working all 9 to 5, and on editing, you will discover that; they have long gotten used to it, and as a result of that there is no slowing or giving up again.

Although they are working for persons or the government, they know that if they don’t take their work seriously, they might soon get a query or worst still be fired.

But as for blogging, you won’t be working for anyone. And such an idea can make you overlook those times you are supposed to be publishing one article or the other that might be helpful to someone else out there.

But notwithstanding all that, making money from blogging will completely depend on your skill level and personality. Most importantly, how well you know the practical aspects of what you are writing about.

And you score a hundred if people start to benefit from what you are teaching them.

But I hope you understand that; there are tons of bloggers out there who make so much money from blogging without having a single experience in writing or journalism.

Making money from blogging will never be difficult if you understand and pursue your blogging goals.

What is the main work of a blogger?

The main work of a blogger is to teach and inspire people, and you do that by sharing a knowledge base that works. Because if people experiment on your blog and get good results they are definitely going to come back for more.

But you will fail woefully; if they try out what they read from your blog and in the end realize it was all a figment of your imagination.

That is why you must stick to blogging about something you have full knowledge of.

You however don’t need to be an expert in a particular niche to be able to teach and inspire people. All you need is to make sure you first and foremost experiment on what you want to teach people and be certain it works before you put them out.

Now our focus is on making money from blogging; so once you understand and stick to your blogging goals, the next thing you need is the marketing skills that will enable you to bring money to your blog.

You need marketing skills in order to make money from blogging.

Marketing is your ability to understand those things you need to incorporate into your blog to make your dedicated readers pay in order to gain access or even sponsor for publicity purposes.

Marketing is also showing and convincing your readers to buy the products or services you’re selling on your blog.

Last modified: April 30, 2023



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