You can become a successful blogger and own a blog that can really change your life for the better because this article will teach you how to.

Even if you are already a monthly salary earner or day-paid worker, a student in school, or even an entrepreneur who already has a multi-million dollar business; blogging can even assist you to do wonders for both yourself and your brand.

In this article, therefore, I am going to reveal to you a few simple steps on how to become a successful blogger.

Let’s get started, shall we?

How To Become A Successful Blogger.

To become a successful blogger, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Step 1: Get a domain name for your own blog or website
  2. Step 2: Figure Out An Interesting Topic For Your Blog.
  3. Step 3: Content creation.
  4. Step 4: Make People Find Your Blog
  5. Step 5: Become the Head Within Your Niche
  6. Step 6: Be Patient.
  7. Step 7: Be Consistent.
  8. Step 8: Work Hard.

Step 1: Get a domain name for your own blog or website

The very first step to becoming a blogger is getting your own blog or website. And it all starts with a domain name.

Your domain name is how people will find you in cyberspace, so make sure the name will be easy for them to grasp. It could be your own real name or something that best describes or represents your blog niche.

But before you settle for your domain name, you need to check if someone else is already using it. You can do this by simply entering it on your browser or using any search engine. If the name is unavailable then you are good to go, but if someone else is using it you can either add some more letters or use another name.

You can get lists of cheap domains you can buy if you are located here in Nigeria.

After setting your domain name, you will have to get a web hosting provider to make your blog come on live on the internet.

If you are located here in Nigeria, you check how to get cheap web hosting providers in Nigeria as well as How To Choose The Best Web Hosting Provider In Nigeria.

The 2 hosting providers I personally use are Domainking NG and True Host, you can follow any of them to get your hosting package.

For more indebt knowledge on how to create a website by yourself, you can refer to these 2 articles: How to Build a Website with a Smartphone without Using a web app and How to manage your website using a Smartphone.

Or you can Click Here and contact an online web designer who will charge you a little fee and help you get your own website.

Step 2: Figure Out An Interesting Topic For Your Blog.

It is worth noting that it is easy for one to build a website and instantly become a blogger.

Already there are over 200 million blogs on the internet today, which means that you must work hard to ensure your blog has something unique and helpful that will help it stand out from the crowd.

That is why I always advise bloggers to create a blog around their personal talent, occupation, or expertise in life.

But before you figure out a profitable topic for your blog, below are just a few reasons why people start a blog in the first place:

  • Passion / Hobby – Getting your own little space on the web to write about whatever you like or comes into your mind.
  • Personal Brand – An internet space to help you build an online profile, and resume and in so doing make it easy for others to find you online.
  • Business – A space to share information on your company or business, while creating quality content around your products and services.

Most blogs usually start out as a small passion or fun side project, but in due course turn into something much bigger.

Obviously, if you have a strong passion for something, you are likely going to focus or concentrate on it.

But I think blogging requires no passion because if things are not turning out the way and the time you want it, you are likely going to lose the passion and give up.

That is why I still insist you chose your blog niche according to your talent, occupation, or expertise in life.

Step 3: Content creation.

Contents are the only tool you need to achieve success for your blog.

With millions of blogs already ahead of your niche, you need something more fresh, unique, and enjoyable to gain attention and probably go ahead of your competitors.

It is estimated that over 40 million posts are created every month on WordPress alone, so you need something more outstanding to beat the competition.

To find success in blogging, you must also keep the focus on your blog niche and be specific.

For instance, if you want to write about music, it would be in your best interest to niche down from “music” to a specific genre example afrobeat or rap. Here’s how niching down a topic of focus might work.

Music >> Afrobeats >> DMW>>Davido

The reason you want to niche down is so you can eventually become the authority in your space and reach the right audience who are looking for exactly what you are writing about.

The same process we treated above can be applied to nearly any niche, service, product, or topic.

Also, you must avoid being too generic, because it will make it hard for people to find exactly what they are looking for when they are on your site, and it will also make it very difficult for you to rank in the search results for ‘generic keywords’ at the same time.

Take a look at what the top-ranking blogs (based on your topic) are writing about, and see how you can do it much better.

Once you’ve niched down and found a winning topic, it’s time for you to start creating content… but keep in mind that, you really need to create amazing content to be able to compete in the world of blogging.

If your competitors are writing text articles, why not add images and videos to your texts.

Step 4: Make People Find Your Blog

Once you’ve established your blog topic and created unique content, all you need now is the audience that will start engaging with them.

At this point in time you must exercise patience else you will give up along the way.

Always remember that blogging is a long-term project which requires time and effort to reach maturation (especially if you are not backing it with any paid advertising).

But this does not mean that you need to keep on publishing content on your blog and hopefully wait for people to start finding your site organically.

Below, therefore, are some of the best ways to promote and get people to start finding your blog much faster and easier.

  • Do guest blogging on other relevant sites in your industry.
  • Set up social media accounts for both your personal name and your blog/sites, and start sharing your content right away.
  • Reach out to other relevant sites in your niche and see if they could find value in your content, and would like to share it with their audience
  • Comment on other popular blogs within your niche (this, in turn, will leave incoming links back to your site)
  • Make sure you create “out-of-the-box” material for your blog, such as comprehensive guides and that others will want to share.

All the methods above are all perfect for growing awareness, traffic, and links back to your site… which will also help with your search rankings.

Besides, nearly all of these methods are free and will just take some time for you to set up.

Step 5: Become the Head Within Your Niche

You need to provide value and purpose as well as be very knowledgeable in what you are writing about to become the head in your niche.

For example, if you were just starting a blog and wanted to be well-known in the music world, one of the best ways to do this would be to interview as many professional or well-known artists as you could.

The more interviews you have, the more people will see your name alongside those big artists, and that will bring more attention and authority to your name as well.

This same tactic is often used in the world of blogging and online marketing as well.

Once you do become an expert within your industry, that is when the magic happens and opportunities come knocking on your door every day.

Step 6: Be Patient.

If there is any profession in the world that needs patience, I think it’s blogging.

To be very honest with you, blogging is not a profession you wish to enter today and come out very successful tomorrow.

Blogging is like planting a coconut or palm tree which takes a considerable long time to begin to yield its fruit.

So no matter what strategies or skills you will learn and apply to the blogging profession, it will still take time before it blossoms.

One your domain age needs to be at least 6 months before it begins to be positioned for optimization.

Content creation is another stressful part of the job because even if you make blogging a full-time job, there is no magic that will help you write more than 3 or 5 unique articles every day.

So putting all these things into consideration will require one to exercise patience before he can achieve the hope of being a blogger.

Step 7: Be consistent

The only thing that makes a blog successful is content. And to publish content in your blog, you need to be very consistent.

And one of the things that will help you is having a blogging schedule as well as knowing how much time you should spend on blogging every day.

The more content you publish will increase your chances of ranking in Google or other search engines, and that, in turn, will amount to so much traffic coming to your site.

And in no time you will achieve the hope of every blogger in the world.

Step 8: Work hard.

Writing and publishing content on your blog entails hard work.

Therefore, if you want your blog to become popular then you must be willing and ready to put in that much hard work that is needed.

Good luck!

Last modified: May 9, 2023



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