Ever wondered why people leave your blog and never return? then a lot of those issues could be coming from your blog content, and in this article, you are going to learn how to make your blog post easier to read.

One thing is common among humans, and that is the anxiety of getting to know a solution to the problems they have at hand.

Of course, everyone needs an instant response or quick answer to whatever they are seeking to know.

And imagine someone landing on your blog’s article which has all the solutions to his problems, but because of certain issues on your blog; they are forced to leave as soon as they come.

Below, therefore, are most of those issues below might make your users frustrated reading your blog content.

How to make your blog post easier to read.

Below are several ways you can make users read your blog content without issues.:

  1. Use a simple font.
  2. Avoid unnecessary pop-ups.
  3. Use headers within your posts.
  4. Add more paragraphs to your posts.
  5. Use bullet points and bolding.
  6. Use a lot of white space.
  7. Use visual content.

1. Use a simple font.

If you are using a free theme for your blog, you are likely going to end up with a font chosen by the theme designer or owner.

And most times these themes seem to give your readers a tough time reading your blog content.

For instance, fancy fonts are not good for blog posts, you can as well use them for your graphics design but definitely not with a post you want people to read.

Classic fonts such as Arial or Georgia have clear lines and minimal designs for letters and they will definitely be good for use in your blog post to make it easier to read.

2. Avoid unnecessary pop-ups.

Though pop-ups are used to put important information on your blogs directly to your visitors, they are also capable of distracting them; and might cause them to leave in anger or frustration.

I keep seeing so many blogs that have more than 5 pop-ups within 30 seconds. And what I usually do is leave silently.

So to avoid this issue on your blog, make sure you minimize the number of pop-ups on your blog. And more importantly, set them to come at least more than 1 minute when a visitor arrives on your blog.

At least, give them some more time to discover that part of your content that will never allow them to leave when the pop-up begins to display.

3. Use headers within your posts.

Imagine how boring it is to come across a very long post of more than 300 words with no headers that separate them.

Oftentimes, most readers have the habit of glancing through an article before they start reading. And one of the things that make them start reading is seeing captivating headers that prove to them your article has just the right answers to their problems.

Whatever article you are writing; no matter how short, must have sections between the content, and you need to turn your headers into signposts that will let your readers know what the next group of paragraphs is all about.

4. Add more paragraphs to your posts.

But make sure your white space does not have big blocks of text.

Just make your paragraphs few and lengthy, one to two sentences long is ideal, but don’t make it more than 3.

Using a lot of white space will make your article very easy to read.

Avoid giant blogs of text as they make the contents appear dense and harder to read.

You can simply add more paragraphs and adjust the line height in your CSS styling, and this will make your content appear easier to read, and in so doing keep your audience engaged.

5. Use bullet points and bolding.

If you have critical points in your article, Use bullet points and bolding to draw your reader’s attention to them.

And this will compel those who are fond of skimming content before they decide to read, to read your content.

6. Use a lot of white space.

Having a lot of space within your blog content is very critical to make it easier to read.

White spaces are those blank spaces between your writings where there is no content.

The best way to achieve white spaces on your blog content is to divide them into several areas or sections like header, main body, etc.

If there are no white spaces within your content, your blog is going to look so cluttered that it makes it difficult for people to read it.

Thus, to make your readers easily distinguish between different areas of your post or jump to where they have the answers to their queries, make sure you add a lot of white spaces to your blog content.

7. Use visual content.

Visual content is known to easily help your readers detect what they expect from your blog post.

In fact, most people find it hard to read but will easily get the information they need from a visual source.

So make sure you add lots of visual content like a chart or video to mix up things in your content and help your reader easily identify and get the information they need from your content.

Last modified: May 9, 2023



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