What To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Blog.

What To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Blog.

You’ve probably been thinking of what to ask yourself before starting a blog, don’t worry because this article will show you the most vital questions and provide the answers.

As a matter of fact, I conclude you are reading this article because you have several questions that have been running through your mind about blogging, especially in 2023 when you’ve made up your mind to enter the blogging business.

Though there are a thousand and one questions to ask and answer before you start a blog, I am going to treat the most relevant ones in this article.

So without much ado let’s go straight into the business of the day.

What To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Blog.

Below are the biggest blogging questions you need to ask and answer before starting a blog:

  1. How would I publish content to my blog?
  2. How regularly would it be a good idea for me to blog?
  3. What do I blog about?
  4. How would I attract traffic to my blog?
  5. How would I bring in cash from my blog?

1. How would I publish content to my blog?

Let’s hope by now you’ve already had your blog up and running, and the biggest task now is how to start publishing content on that blog.

The worst mistake you would be making at this point is jumping on any topic that comes into your head.

You don’t have to start posting randomly to your blog, because if you do you will be getting the online robots that attain SEO confused, and in so doing it will take a considerably long time for you to start ranking for any keyword, and in so doing begin to get traffic flowing into your blog.

So the best answer to this question is for you to stick to a particular niche and publish articles that concern that niche.

It will be a good idea to stick to a niche you know, it might be from your profession or anything you naturally have an idea of.

Never attempt to depend on too much research in order to come up with an article, else the article on your blogs will have less value.

You must also avoid the copy-and-paste attitude, or else you will be caught in plagiarism, and you won’t be to monetize your blog with Google AdSense for example.

Sticking to a particular niche will give you authority and make your blog pop up on top of search results when people are searching for those topics you have published.

2. How regularly would it be a good idea for me to blog?

The more article you publish on your blog will increase your chances of ranking on search engines, and in so doing attract more traffic to your blog.

And for this reason, you should create a timetable for publishing content on your blog, and that timetable must meet up with the number of posts that will help you get noticed as fast as possible.

Publishing a minimum of 3 articles a day might be a great way to start.

And I want you to note that publishing every day will give you a greater advantage than publishing a hundred posts in a day which sums up the number of posts you would have published for that period of time.

Thus, in your leisure time, you can write those articles and save them up on your device, then publish 3 of them per day.

3. What do I blog about?

Below are the 5 ways you can get topics, depending on your niche to blog about.

  1. At the time when you don’t have the slightest idea of what you can blog about, go to the Google search engine and input blog topics in your niche. You can then pick the keywords to blog about.
  2. Join LinkedIn groups that correspond with your niche and look at what others are posting about, pick those intriguing ones, and blog about them.
  3. Go to other social media platforms or forums and see the questions and answers people are throwing about based on your niche. Use those ideas to create blog topics that will catch people’s interest.
  4. Go to your Google analytics and see the posts that are starting to bring traffic to your blog, and use your results to expand not on those topics, and in so doing you will create authority and gain traffic from that topic.
  5. Keep your ears to the ground while you go about your daily life and hear what people are talking about. Or might be something you read or view, a thought in a gathering, or a remark from a client. Simply compose the feature for the thought in your blog at the earliest opportunity. That way when the time has come to blog you’ll have a rundown of topics to blog about.

4. How would I bring traffic to my blog?

There are basically two ways of bringing traffic to a blog, one is paid and one is free. We call the latter organic traffic.

Organic traffic is the best way to bring traffic to a blog since it won’t involve you spending any dime.

But the truth of the matter is that it will take a considerably long time before you start to get traffic organically coming to your blog.

So while starting a new blog ensure you set aside a little budget to enable you to promote your blog.

The easiest way of doing this is to look for a topic on your blog that has a good title and composition, share that article on either your Facebook or Instagram account, and then run Ads.

You can also utilize Google Ads, or other advertising agencies like Adsterra or Propeller Ads to help you bring traffic to your blog.

5. How would I bring in cash from my blog?

There are six different ways I am aware of to bring in cash from your blog:

1. Advertising.

One of the ways to make money from your blog is to join advertising networks, popularly known as Ads or AdSense.

Google AdSense is the number one and most popular, and to join you need to submit your blog for review.

And once you are able to meet Google’s community guidelines for AdSense, they will accept you into their program.

And from thence, you will start to make money from advertising.

2. Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is simply a process where you refer people to another blog to do business via an affiliate link and earn a commission.

There are tons of them but Amazon seems to stand out because they have items that cut across every work of life that you can link on your blog and earn a commission when people buy via your affiliate link.

3. Re-purposing your blog content.

As a blogger, you can collect blog entries and use them to make books, digital books, and other substances you can sell in various manners.

4. Sponsored posts.

There are lots of connection-hungry SEO advertisers who are anxious to pay bloggers to add interfaces or even whole bits of content to a blog.

You can therefore transform your blog into an advert spot by showing sponsored content and making cash from them when your visitors click.

5. Selling adjoining items.

There are tons of adjourning items you can get your visitors to purchase on your blogs.

Examples are video instructional exercises, books, or moment training administrations.

6. Indirect deals.

You can create an incredible substance that will make individuals employ you as a specialist, go to their office to show a class, or give a discourse to their affiliation.

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