Every blog needs quality backlinks, and in this article, I am going to reveal to you why backlinks are important for blogs.

But before I do so, let’s first and foremost look at the definition of backlinks.

What are backlinks?

When other blogs or websites are mentioning or recommend your blog or website in their posts or pages, either with a link that could be followed or not followed, then your blog or website is said to have a backlink or backlinks.

There are several advantages or importance that backlinks could incur for your website, and without waste of time let’s quickly look at most of those advantages.

Why are backlinks important for blogs?

Backlinks are important for blogs because of the following reasons:

  1. Backlinks boost your Google rankings.
  2. Backlinks bring you organic traffic from other blogs or sites.
  3. Backlinks impress visitors and increase trust.
  4. Backlinks give you attention from other bloggers and writers.

1. Backlinks boost your Google rankings.

Google uses backlinks to determine how websites rank on their search engines, this is because they rely more on what people say about you than what you say about yourself.

So if you have several websites mentioning you in their posts and pages, then you stand a better chance of ranking in the first 5 categories, if not #1 on the Google search engine.

2. Backlinks bring you organic traffic from other blogs or sites.

Imagine a top website that has millions of traffic on a particular post mentioning or recommending their readers to get more information from your website, and you will be able to figure out the amount of traffic that will be flowing from that particular blog or website to yours.

And this traffic will help you generate sales if you have a product for sale, or even help you to get more commission coming from your Google AdSense or other sources you are using to monetize your traffic.

3. Backlinks impress visitors and increase trust.

On seeing how well-known or popular blogs or websites are referring them to you, visitors will be highly impressed and conclude you are genuine before you could get such trust.

This in turn will increase the trust those visitors have in your blog and make them confident to purchase your goods or services, subscribe to your mailing list, sign up for your membership area, etc.

4. Backlinks naturally attract more backlinks.

When writers are seeing how your site is being referred to by a popular site, they will also be compelled to write their own articles and refer to your blog or site too.

Consequently, you will even be finding most of those writers approaching you and suggesting the articles you could write so they could also link their articles back to you.

And in so doing, you will naturally be getting more backlinks for your blog or website without having to beg for them.

5. Backlinks give you attention from other bloggers and writers.

Aside from asking you to write an article so they could link back, other bloggers and writers might ask you to review their content and also link back to their sites.

When this happens, never Ignore them; even if it is an upcoming blog, because you never can tell how a small blog or website can become big overnight.

Yes! Just one post can rank and bring upcoming blogs millions of visits, and in so doing cause it to become a blog to reckon with in no time.

6. Backlinks help to establish your brand in the online marketplace.

When top blogs and websites in your niche mention or recommend you, it will make people remember and respect your brand.

And once your brand is respected, people will begin to approach you for one business prospect or another.


Having known why backlinks are important for your blog or website, in case you didn’t know, you can learn how to get quality backlinks for your blog or website now.

Last modified: May 18, 2023



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